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A note from your hosts...

Greetings Dîner en Blanc Philadelphia attendees!  As you gather your last minute items and put the finishing touches on your ensembles, we wanted to reach out to formally say hello and tell you how excited we are to see youtomorrow night.

We both attended the Dîner en Blanc in Montreal last Thursday, so we know very well the adventure upon which you are about to embark. We frantically packed meals, creatively used safety pins for last minute dress alterations, ran out of the house leaving the flowers behind, and even went to the wrong departure location!  After a quick scramble to the car and a mad dash to the buses parked down the street, we found the bus with just 30 seconds to spare!  

The beauty of Dîner en Blanc is the community it builds.   You are all about to share this amazing experience together and have one of the most unique evenings you’ve ever had in Philadelphia.   Definitely take time to enjoy the journey!  As you arrive at your departure points and venture to the final destination, look around and observe this beautiful city and the people in it.   There will be some bags to carry and there may be some stairs to climb, but it will all be worth it when you sit down next to each other and share a meal together.    

Remember that there is no one “perfect spot” to sit and you won’t all see the same thing at once.  The real “theatre” of Dîner en Blanc is getting up after dinner to dance and explore the space and see how it is transformed by 2,500 people.    We have an amazing band- Carte Blanche- during dinner and awesome DJ Bruce will head up the dance portion of the evening.  We just know it will be a memorable night and our fingers are all crossed for great weather. If the rain clouds roll in, remember to throw a clear or white poncho or umbrella in your bag. It may rain or the sun may shine, but no matter what we will be there having a good time.

Lastly, what makes this event so special is that it celebrates public space and we want to leave it as perfect as we found it.  So, please remember to bring a white trash bag with you to collect and properly dispose of any trash. Please respect the space- and the surrounding neighborhood- as you leave.  All items that you bring (tables, chairs, linens, etc) are expected to leave and return home with you. 

Thank you for your participation in Dîner en Blanc and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow night!
Natanya DiBona and Kayli Moran
Co-Hosts, Dîner en Blanc Philadelphia

Philadelphia Co-Hosts with the founders of Dîner en Blanc at DEB Montreal 2013
From left to right: Mme. Pasquier, Natanya DiBona, François Pasquier, & Kayli Moran

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