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A note to our valued guests

To all of our valued guests.  For many, last night was a truly magical evening!  We’re sorry we had to cut the event a bit early, but your safety is our number one priority and with the lightning we had no choice. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding last night. We want to apologize to those groups of guests entering the space late.  As Le Diner en Blanc Philadelphia grows, we want to continue to host it in some of the spectacular spaces the city has to offer. Unfortunately, last night's space posed a few challenges that we are still working to fully understand. The number of entrance points resulted in bottlenecks and we didn't properly adjust to alleviate them. We have been speaking with our volunteers and guests to gain a greater understanding of exactly what happened and what could have been done differently.  We promise you that we will continue to investigate and this will result in improved processes and execution.
Le Diner en Blanc Philadelphia is the work of 150+ volunteers. We always strive to host the best event for our guests and we apologize for the experience that some of our guests had this year. We truly appreciate and love the commitment and fidelity to the event from each and every leader and guest. We will be working to improve our communication and execution so that we are better able to manage these types of challenges for future events.

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Butler J.
1 year ago
I would like to know what went on - we have signed up since the very first Diner en blanc in Philadelphia. This year we were asked to meet at 6pm in front of the Art Museum but didn't arrive at our table location until 8:30PM. We were completely crushed in, there was nothing of any interest going on at our far end, we had to completely rush our picnic to hear or see anything and when we were able to walk around the site saw other participants had lots of room so even this was not managed well. The amount of people now participating far exceeds the critical mass for locations and organization. It was an expensive debacle and I would like to be refunded my money. I do not wish to return unless steps are taken to improve - what was a magical evening was a fiasco this year
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