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Phase One Information

A Note to Members Receiving a 2019 Phase One Invitation (this is also being sent via email to 2018 registered members today)
Good afternoon!  This year’s Le Dîner en Blanc Philadelphia will return on Thursday, August 22nd.  Your Phase One invitation will be sent via email by 10 PM this Friday evening, July 5th.  Phase One will open Monday, July 8th at 10:00 AM and will close on Sunday, July 14th at 11:59 PM. 


A Few Reminders – please read thoroughly:


·         Please watch our social media for posts about when emails are sent and check your spam folder if you don't see it in your inbox.  If you have not received your email invitation by Sunday, July 7th, please send us an email at

·         Phase One registration must be completed while the phase is open (July 8th-July14th).  No exceptions will be made once Phase One closes- not even to register as an Absent Member.


·         When Phase One opens, simply click on the link in the invitation you receive and follow the prompts from there.  Do NOT log on to last year’s profile and try to register from there.  You will set a new password when you register this year.


·         If you will not have internet access during Phase One, you can consider forwarding the email you receive to a friend and have them register for you instead.  They will follow the link in the email and register you from there.  No passwords from last year are necessary.


·         If you are trying to coordinate sitting with a friend who has registered, make sure to ask them for their Group Leader and Table Leader.  If their table is full, register for another table under the same Group Leader for the best chance of sitting in the same general area.


·         If you cannot attend this year- or if you are going as someone else’s guest this year- you must register as an Absent Member while Phase One is open (July 8-July 14th) to receive a Phase One invitation next year

·         Only Registered Members receive a Phase One invitation the following year.  Your guest from last year will not receive an invitation.  


·         You may sponsor one person for Phase Two when you register during Phase One.  Please make sure you have their full name and correct email address when you sponsor them. 


Two important notes about sponsoring:
        1.  Phase Two is not guaranteed- it’s first come, first serve and it will sell out.  The person you sponsor will not be able to sit in your same table group if your table group fills before they have a chance to register.  If that occurs, they should try to register with another Table Leader with your same Group Leader.  This will give you the best chance of sitting in the same general area.


       2.   The person you sponsor for Phase Two cannot be listed as your guest in Phase One.  The system recognizes an email one time and it will block the Phase Two invitation from being sent if the email is already registered as your guest.


·         Feast Your Eyes is returning as our caterer this year. If you are interested in purchasing catering, this may be done in the e-store.  Please note that we have had added smaller Sampler Platters in addition to the four meals.  All are designed to serve two.  There are vegan and gluten-free options.


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