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Phase One Invitations Have Been Sent

Good morning! Phase One invitations have been sent. Phase One opens at 10:00 AM Monday, July 8th and closes 11:59 PM July 14th.
A few reminders:
1) 2018 registered members receive an invitation, not their guest
2) If you have attended prior years and did not register as an Absent Member last year, you will not receive a Phase One invitation this year.
3) If you receive a Phase One invitation and can't go- or you are going as someone else's guest this year- you must register as Absent while the phase is open (it closes July 14th) to receive a phase one invite next year.
4) You can sponsor one person for Phase Two while Phase One is open.  Please make sure you have the right name and email address and do not list them as your guest! The system only allows an email to be registered once- it will not send your Phase Two invitation to them!

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Jennifer T.
3 month ago
I did not receive or accidentally deleted invitation email - please resend. Thank you
Glenise H.
3 month ago
HI, I've attended for the last 3 years and have received no invitiation email this year. is there something wrong?

Tia T.
3 month ago
I received my email about receiving my Phase 1 invitation but have not received the invitation. Please advise, merci!

Tia Triplett
Kayli M.
Hi Tia,
Our records indicate you were a no show for 2018 which is why you did not receive the formal invite. Please let us know if this information is incorrect.
Heather M.
3 month ago
Good Morning!!

My name is Heather Marshall and I have not received anything regarding the Diner En Blanc Philadelphia this year and we happily attended last year. Can you please help me to make sure I don't miss out.

Kayli M.
Hi Heather,
Your invite was sent on the 5th. I have resent it. Please check your spam folder.
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