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Phase One is Now Open- Update: Phase One is Now Closed!

Phase One is now Open!  A couple of reminders:

  1. If you are trying to register with friends, designate someone to register first and then have them communicate the Group Leader and Table Leader they selected to the rest of your group.  If that Table Leader fills up, please select another Table Leader under that same Group Leader to be in the same general area. 
  2. There is an International Fee that is charged as part of event total.  Please make sure the credit card you use allows an international charge.  If you experience issues paying while you are registering, please contact your bank to authorize the charge.
  3. If you cannot attend this year, please use the link to register and select Member Not Attending to keep your Phase One for next year.  You will pay a small fee and become an “Absent Member”.  This MUST be done while Phase One is open (it closed July 10th at 7 PM).
  4. Your guest from last year does NOT receive a Phase One invite this year.  You can sponsor them in Phase Two when you register, but that is not a guaranteed phase and it will sell out.  Once they register and become a member this year they will get a Phase One next year.
  5. If you didn’t receive your Phase One invite, please EMAIL us: [email protected]  

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