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Phase Two is Now Open!

UPDATE: Phase Two is sold out! 

Phase Two is now open!  Remember, this is not a guaranteed phase and it will sell out.  If you are trying to sit with friends who are already registered and their table leader is not showing that means their table group is full.  Pick another available table leader under that same group leader for the best chance of sitting in the same general area as your friends.


Also, credit cards are processed by Stripe payment system. Some people have had difficulty using Discover or credit union cards. Please use an alternate payment method, if possible.


If you are on the waiting list, you are Phase Three and those emails will be sent out later this week.  Phase Three is Friday, July 19th.  Please send questions about your Phase Two invite to 


Some other FAQ’s:
Q. I have a Phase One invitation.  Is it too late to register for the event or as an Absent  Member?
A. It is too late.  Phase One closed Sunday, July 14th.  

Q. I was a guest of someone last year and didn’t receive a Phase Two invite.

A. Guests do not receive an invite the following year.  Please register on the waiting list to make sure you are on the Phase Three list. Everyone on the waiting list will receive an email to register later this week.  Phase Three is Friday, July 19th.


Q. When will I know my exact departure location?

A. Your exact departure location will be sent via email the Tuesday before the event.


Q. How do I know if I'm registered?

A. Go to Store>View Purchase/Receipt to download your ticket/receipt

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Jamal D.
3 year ago
Tickets needed! If you are unable to attend I am willing to take the opportunity off of your hands. Please contact me. It’s a gift for my cousin’s birthday. Everyone received an invite except her. We are all booked from Phase 1. We all referred her and she still didn’t receive a sponsorship invite. We are down to our only other option!

Someone please have a heart!
Jordan R.
3 year ago

I accidentally hit that I wanted to be an absentee at this years DEB. How can I fix it, I've tried multiple times,but I wont let me.

Please Advise!
Rashad J.
3 year ago
I registered during phase I. My friends weren’t able to register until phase II. Can I change my table leader so that we are sitting together?
Natanya D.
Remonne D.
3 year ago
i am truly lost in those. I was prepared to complete phase 2 and it just shot,
Natanya D.
We have sent you the invite again and I emailed you as well
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